Effective carpet cleaning maintenance requires professional touch on a regular basis. Anyone who has attempted to clean their carpets using conventional cleaning methods will know how ineffective and tedious one such job is. Instead, use our professional carpet cleaning in Islington as the sensible, efficient and reliable alternative to any other cleaning methods out there.

We have the right expertise and gear for the job

Being an experienced service provider, we know what professional carpet cleaning and professional end of tenancy cleaning in Islington is all about. With us, you don’t have to worry about damage to carpet fibers or their properties as we will choose the most effective yet sparing method to yield consistent, high-quality results. The cleaning systems and products we apply are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of natural or synthetic fiber carpets. Please be advised though that carpets in really bad state will not be subject to cleaning as this will likely further the damage. Our steam and dry carpet cleaning methods are also highly effective antibacterial treatments, providing lasting hygiene and healthier indoor living. When tackling stubborn stains we will pre-treat the affected area using a mild solvent as to facilitate quick and complete stain removal. Apart from that, we do not use any toxic chemicals or aggressive cleaning solvents, but only the natural cleaning power of steam.

Our cleaning technicians are the best around

We have made sure that our carpet cleaning technicians are up to date with the latest in professional carpet cleaning treatments and know their way around specialized equipment and industry grade cleaning products. Our guys will go about their duties with professional pace, precision, and efficiency. The cleaning process will be completed within the shortest time possible with the least amount disruption or fuss. All of our cleaning technicians have the required qualifications and have undergone additional in house training to hone their skills and expertise.

Additional services we have on offer

Besides professional carpet cleaning, our steam provides and end of tenancy cleaning service in London, also perfectly safe and suitable for effective cleaning maintenance of all types of non-leather sofas, mattresses, natural and synthetic fiber curtains, upholsteries and rugs. Customers can combine more than one type of cleaning for extra coverage and more value for money. For all the services they offer, visit them here.

Some free advice from the professionals

  • Refrain from using conventional/homemade cleaning treatments – it will cost you more in the end;
  • Subject the interior features and items listed above to professional cleaning at least once every six months;

Islington is one of the Inner London boroughs, home to about two hundred and twenty thousand people. Formed in the nineteen sixties by a merger of two other former admin divisions, Islington is still the second smallest borough of the capital and the third smallest administrative district in the country. Historians believe the original settlement from which the borough eventually sprawled, formed during the Anglo-Saxon period, a theory supported by the etymology of the area’s name. From Anglo-Saxon, it roughly translates to ‘Gisla’s Hill’. The modern day borough consists of twenty-two suburbs or areas, including the Islington area itself. The borough is the site of many important public bodies, institutions and organizations of national and international importance. Some of the better-known ones are Emirates Stadium and Islington Museum. There are also a number of primaries, secondary and tertiary educational institutions located throughout the borough.